Imperfection among the Perfect

9 09 2006

It is like walking through the unspoilt forest of Finland in the winter time, where everything is all white, galloping on the horse across the field of snow with icy wind hitting on the face, and taking in a deep breathe, such beauty is only as good as until the time where we walked past a ditch with a dead animal, half rotting, infested with flies. It may be a horrible image painted about horrible things among the perfect beauty, but it is very true and very real

I have been through this path and i know truly how wicked sometimes christians in the church can be, even catholics, where one differs from another. I know, because i had my brushes with them before and now. What can i do? Taking up my rights and confront them? I can kill them and i know that, but what’s that gotta help? Like one of the fine catholic acquaintances i made on my blog, he said, Church is perfect but made up of imperfect people.

I am angry because of these imperfect people, they have hurt people like me and mercy and i wish i can confront them and i will tear them up, trust me both literally and figuratively, and i am very capable of doing that. Mercy said, “if there is an award of judgmental, christians would win it hands down” i agree. i will look straight into their eyes and i hope they can see the anger burning in them because i will not hesitate to strike them down unless God through the grace and mercy of the Holy Spirit forbids me, bidding my good to turn the anger aside, that i may appeal to the reservoir of love and grace in me, to overlook their trespasses.

Enough of standing down and not doing anything, i will steer clear of these vermins and will never have anything to do with them so sayeth, do not throw the pearls to the swines, lest they turn against you. True, it is a valuable lesson to learn, not to throw pearls to swines. If Jesus was here, He would have blew up, wouldn’t he? to have learnt the snare of wickedness that has seized the church! I am not perfect, nor do i pretend to be all holy, for one, i am one who is quick to act on my anger, and Lord, in my anger, i pray the Holy Spirit can tug at my heart so i might not sin against You. Turn me from my anger, so i will not be consumed by the monster within, and instead, release the chain of unforgiveness that to loose that monster of hatred so i might love my brothers. Lord help my weakness! Through them, i might indeed be strong in you.




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