Not another argument

7 09 2006

After my posts on catholics and their pagan worship of Mary, i got a few well meaning catholics posting comments questioning and calling me hypocrites, why i marked their comments as spam, and deleted off their comments is i do not want to get into mud fight over my posts, they are free to post whatever they want ON THEIR BLOG, but on my blog, i moderate comments. I do not answer to their provoking comments and of course, i do not think less of them in person. I need to qualify this as i have good friends who are catholics, and at the same time, not all catholics worship Mary, some are truly man of God, just as the same, there are christians within the protestant churches, worship money rather than God, and in short, it is the practise and the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church as an institution i abhor.

I will continue to moderate all comments which i do not welcome on this blog, however, you can email me if you want, and of course, if i am wrong, do talk to me. I love it when one of the shows Remember the Titans, has a line about hatred, i do not hate my brothers, just the colour, in my sense, the wayward practises within the catholic church and some even within the protestant churches. Oh my email’s




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