Love with intensity!

6 09 2006

I love Mercy intensely! I want her more than anyone, more than myself, i wish i can be there, protect her, make her smile, guard her, to just hold her in my arms and be there when she is happy, sad, frustrated, angry, cheeky, naughty, hungry, cheerful, and everything else. But no, Mercy doesn’t belongs to me, she belongs to God, and i will give this intensity to God and let Him take charge. The only way to relate to each other in a relationship especially so when God ought to be in the centre, is to give God our passion for each other, and let him trim it like a gardener, after all, isn’t God our vine? It is about bringing that passion under godly control under the shadow of the one who first love us! I love God and i love Mercy lots!




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6 09 2006

: )
: )
: )

Three Smiles For You ! Hip hip Hoorey !!! LOL Thank you for being Jesus with Skin On to me Sweetheart.

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