My Mandate

31 08 2006

But if anyone obeys his word, God’s love is truly made complete in him. This is how we know we are in him: Whoever claims to live in him must walk as Jesus did. 1 John 1:5-6.

There are in my opinion, four types of christians in the Church today. Disclaimer: These are not meant to say that they are not saved, but just reflecting on the various conditions of each christian.

The hearty Christian
This Christian is a follower, one who delights and squeel at every miracles, soaking in the awesome presence and exhuberance of the worship, and yea! There he goes again, but when the worship or church service is over, this christian leaves the santuary and went back to the world. This christian is led by the emotions, christianity injects the faith adrenaline to enable him or her to live by the moment of godliness and after that, it is all struggles and defeats

The Mr Knowledgable Christian
This christian attends every prophetic conference, bible studies, and may even own a hundreds of books on theology, doctrines, and books so thick, you can probably doze off just looking at the thickness of each book. The faith is rationalized by the intellectual understanding of God’s Words, and lacking the connection. This christian might not even see the need to attend festival of praise or worship or even fellowshipping with each other! This Christian might for a season lead a life of victories, but the victories are hollow, lacking depth and lacking consistency, and he is despaired because in the end he or she will realised, the more he or she knows, the less this christian actually knows, and the vicious cycle starts again.

The BC Christian (Bo Chup)
These christians come to church for every other reasons other than knowing God, worshipping God or listening to a great sermon. They love companies of friends, the opportunity to know girls or to get close to that guy, or to pick up an instrument for free! And even join up some social activities to really waste the sunday afternoon away. Their bible might be spanking new, for they have never touch it, except chucking it in the bag to go to church. Life is no different before and after they have become christian. They are more concerned about the world, making money, becoming the whos who in the society and perhaps even coming into the showbusiness and being a christian too might be too cool.

The Disciple
The fourth type of Christian is perhaps the rarest, (For wide is the road that leads to death, and many are going down that road, and narrow is the gate that leads to life, for few will find it), the toughest, because it requires us to sacrifice ALL, yet man’s narrow view is that we never see beyond that sacrifice, is that God will gave us ALL, and more – Eternal Life. The life of a disciple is first a Crucified life! That we crucified our lives daily on that cross and our lives is not our own but of Christ! We dare to speak the truth, no more lying! We dare to stand up for God, no more compromises. We dare to claim the generation for Jesus, no more lying down on our comfort zone and just enjoy a bit of desperation band. It is time, to rise up and be a disciple, one who lives and breathes and do God’s work and live out His Word in us, that in that, God’s love is made complete in US!

God help me, to be the fourth type of christian, a radical disciple! One who studies your word, read them, and do them! Holy Spirit, please write the Word of Life on the tablet of my heart and that i might speak LIFE and lead others to the Light! I invite you dear Holy Spirit now, to take the throne of my heart, to lead me, to guide me, to talk to me, to teach me, to help me to pray, to help me to love and forgive, to help me be a testimony in my work place, to be a comforter to others, to be an encourager, to be a blessing to others, and most important of all, to reflect Jesus. Amen!




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