Church sued over exorcism

30 08 2006

A woman sue Novena church for performing exorcism on her. Another case of church being sued. This really give a bad light on the Novena Church which apparently is a catholic church, and it is either those priests lying or the woman is. In either case, it is just sad that the catholic church among many other controversies like child sexual abuse, has added another to their list in the Hall of Shames.




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1 09 2006

Guess when one tried to list the Hall of Fames for what the Catholic church or other churches …. the good that had been done rattles on. let’s not ignore the shame but let’s not forget the good it had done.

1 09 2006

Really? what good has the Roman Catholic done? Maybe worshipping Mary? or ordaining priests who molest young boys? or how about the years of persecutions against christians in europe, burning them on the stakes? or how about the years of atrocities done in the crusades to serve the pope’s lust for power? i think the list on the hall of shames far outlist the things they actually did if they actually have done anything good at all.

7 09 2006

The Church is a divine, infallible institution made up of human, fallible creatures. Far from exposing the Church as a fraud, these excesses and failures of the past only reinforce its divine character. Indeed, only a Church that received the protection promised in Matthew 16:18 could endure some of the scandals to which the Barque of Peter has been subjected.

7 09 2006

Thanks Stephen. I agree, the divine, infallible institution is made up of human – fallible and far from perfect. Thanks for the reminder. Your response is far better than pseudo history scholar who has chosen to ignore the far greater evil of crusades, papal inquisition, and many till date recorded in the history,perhaps even the most neutral historians are by any standard, biased and blind to their own judgement. The best Judge of history should be God.

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