I am coming after you!

28 08 2006

Fell in love with this song “Refuse to be denied” by Desperation Band. It speaks of a desperation to come into the presence of God. Let this be the thirst to drive everyone to chase after God! Please my dear christian brothers and sisters! Time to shake off your worldliness, and time to get serious with God, for He is coming back soon! Real Soon! He will come back like a thief, and He will sift through the church and separate the goats from the sheeps and chaft will fall off from the grain and there will be a GREAT shaking that will take place. Can you feel its coming? That tidal wave of the Spirit of God that Christians no longer contend with just walking in their rituals, or taking refuge in their wealth of knowledge but this is THE TIME, to walk in the Spirit, to move in the Spirit and through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit in our lives, we will began to break through with the Word of God to slice through the fog of this worldly kingdom of wickedness and bring light to the world that has yet to know Jesus! Let’s refuse to be denied! Let’s press on to the holy of holies, not just contented to stay in the courtyard of the gentile, for it is YOUR RIGHT to enter into the holy of holies and behold the awesome glory of God and commune with Him!




3 responses

30 08 2006

I almost bought this CD. Good??

30 08 2006

Yup! Very good very Good!! U shd go and get it. 🙂

30 08 2006

if you want, i can burn the CD for u! 😀

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