Beating the blues

28 08 2006

As i went to the bank to pay some bills, i was praying, actually i was pleading for God’s intervention. I pleaded with His Mercy and His unfailing faithfulness! That Lord, will do a great miracle in this hour of great need, and i pray that He will grant us favour. I know my pleading pleased Him cos I felt his presence there and then along the street that one as insignificant me in the eyes of many, but to God, i am but a Child He loves and He longs to have fellowship with! I finished reading the book on Spiritual Warfare by Richard Ing, and it was a great book of encouragement especially the last chapter on the Coming Tsunami, that God will bring about a flood, a tsunami of chastenings, either we conform to the standards of God, or we will be washed away, for God will raise up an army in this last days to push the Kingdom of Satan back and claim lives for Kingdom of God! Amen! Let’s encourage each other and spur each other all the more we see the DAY approaches.




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