Extravagant Worshipper

14 08 2006

I was given the book “Extravagant worship” by Darlene Zschech (Hillsongs) and it is not a coincidental that Mercy passed me this book. The theme of Worship is ringing in my heart for the last one week at least, that God is bringing me to another level of understanding on the subject of worship. As i read through the first chapter, my heart exploded into a million pieces in pain that the depth of adoration from the woman who broke the alabaster jar and annointed Jesus with perfume and washed his feet with her tears as an expression of extravagant worship. Oh how have i fallen out of depth in my worship to the Awesome almighty God!

The cause of Christ pumping in our veins should cause extraordinary praise to the Father.

What a revelation! How often have we only be the service worshipper, jumping and shouting in service but come monday to saturday, we are but like the world! Worship extends beyond the shouting, jumping, elaborated expression, in fact, in essence that’s not true worship is all about, (it might be part of it but far from it as the entirety of worship), but out of it, our lives are as of worship to God, in our fellowship with other believers, in our quiet intimate moments with God in the cool of the garden, in the marketplace where our work ought to reflect the best of our labour in worship to our God and a testimony to others, in our speech reflecting grace and love of God, in our moments with our love ones, in our time spent in church, cellgroup, and in every facet of our lives, and on sunday, out of the songs of worship and praise, comes the adoration of our Almighty God and its fullness of our gratitude towards God in all our being that we are bought by the Blood of Christ, and fully justified not of our own merit but through the grace of God! That ought to be source of truly extravagant worship! Lord help me to do that, to press on to the throne room just to chase after your presence, and behold your awesome holiness and love, and say, Lord, i give you praise and fall on my knees and leave me there, at the feet of your throne forever. Amen.




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