Great Quote from Thomas á Kempis

10 08 2006

Thomas á Kempis
“What Good Is Knowledge Without Fear of God?”

Such a great quote! There is such a danger that intellectuals should seize our fundamentals of christian life, that we have forgotten that we ought to live by faith, not by sight, to walk in the spirit not just walking by our knowledge. I was browsing through some books at Borders and i realised some of the BEST books about Theology are written by Non-Christians! Oh boy oh! These Ph.Ds and Professors of Divinity and Theology can write superbly on the matters of exegesis, but it is lacking in divine revelation. I am ALL for strong theological understandings of God’s Words for it must reign supreme, but equally and recently, God has brought me to another level that all these knowledge will go to waste without the personal revelation from God through the Holy Spirit who is our teacher. What good is knowledge without the fear of God? Lest i put knowledge on the throne, Lord, help me to put you first, to hear from you everyday and every minute of my life and that Lord, as i go through this life, i can’t do anything except through you Lord, apart from you i can’t do anything. it is all about YOU God, indeed, let my life be crucified today on the Cross and let You live through me.



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11 08 2006

I agree– God calls us to live by faith– and therefore, every bit of wisdom, knowledge doesn’t account for much without a personal relationship with God.

11 08 2006


13 08 2006

this is an excellent truth, daniel. after all, what can we, mere human ants, understand about the Truth by ourselves? all we can do is humbly and reverently acknowledge Him.

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