No turning of shadow of Him

8 08 2006

The lesson for the morning
Many christians including myself, measure our ‘spirituality’ by our good works and when we sin, we will feel like a thousand miles from God, away from His love, away from His favour, away from His presence. This morning, God said, “No my Son, My love for you does not depend on how good you are, how often you do your quiet time or even when you sin, there is no turning of shadow of Me”. For there is nowhere i can go to hide from His presence, even in my sin, in my sleep, the presence of God is like the AIR around me! I know, God sees all that we do, in secret, in public, our sins, our good deeds, but His mercy gave us the opportunity to come back to Him and say we are sorry and in that convictions, we will repent, to make it right again.



5 responses

8 08 2006

amen, brother. one can never hear enough of that wonderful news: God loves us!

8 08 2006

Thanks for the encouragement! Yup, God loves us.

9 08 2006

“Each day we can progress in our spiritual life towards a further, higher, personal, experiential knowledge of God and Christ. We can go past His Word to the God who wrote it and know Him more personally.”

I was surprised when I read “go past His word”. John MacArthur was not advocating that we neglect the Word. The objective of the book I was reading was to encourage believers to grow in their faith by obtaining the keys to spiritual growth thru knowing what God has revealed in His Word. After we know God thru His word, then can we truly “go past His Word to the God who wrote it and know Him more personally.” U know His voice coz u know His word. Therefore u know in ur spirits if any of those voices are God’s or not.

And thanks for that challenge yesterday morning!

9 08 2006

hey, dan. i found a site that lists pentacostal/charismatic blogs … it doesn’t accept “personal” blogs, though. i think it would be awesome if someone started collecting personal charismatic blogs, though … hint, hint …

10 08 2006

I do not mind starting something to collect personal christian blogs and making it into a directory…. 🙂

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