The disease for the modern christians.

7 08 2006

After a few exchanges with Rachel, i realised one thing, one disease that has strucked almost all modern christians is the inability to REST. Why is it so hard to find rest? Human beans have found it so hard to rest, and thinking activities make up for holiness. The more activity means holier than thou! We need to get involved in this ministry, in that ministry, talk to a thousand young troubled youths a day, etc, and then finding that little time to share with our loved ones and then deciding if we should waste that 1 hour to actually close our eyes to hibernate (See we even cancel out the word – sleep). I believe REST is of the paramount importance in a christian walk, one ought to watch the seasons of life and know that there is a time to work, a time to rest, a time to contemplate, a time to react and chase…… rest, i learnt in winter, is basically taking myself out of every single activity and just rest and be still before God. In that contemplative silence of the snowing winter at the Lodge off in Finland, i’ve grown to love the silence, the white field of snow, cold and refreshing air, that no sound, no noise, nothing but it is just me. Rest! Resting is to find a place where there is no one else, Jesus found His at the mountain top, or the other side of the lake, every morning He would go away to rest and spend time with God, so must we. Surely with God on our side, we can rest despite the storm because only when we began to trust in Him, rest in His refuge, we truly soar above the storms like eagles, for in our weaknesses, we are made perfect in Him.




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