Earthquake that hit my weekend

7 08 2006

The aftermath of an earthquake measuring perfect 10 on the richter scale rocked my world over the weekend, but God is my sustainer. I am listening to this song which is a source of tremendous encouragement “Holy is the Lord” by planetshakers.

Holy is the Lord – Planetshakers
I can see the angels gathering
‘Round the Throne to bring an offering
Of praise to the King of all Kings
It’s Jesus
I can hear their voices singing loud
Bringing anthems in a glorious cloud
Of praise to the King of all Kings
It’s Jesus
Nations will join and men confess
Declaring Your holy righteousness
Giving their hearts, their lives, their all
To the King of Glory

Mountains declare and oceans roar
All of creation stands in awe
Join with them now in one accord
Holy is the Lord

All of the angels stand and sing
The anthem of heaven loudly rings
Hear them proclaim this offering
Holy is the Lord

Holy is the Lord
Holy is the Lord 

I just wanna cry because the awesome presence of God, when manifested over the weekend. It started with Saturday, the tremors of the quake hit the epicenter of my soul when Mercy called that she wants us just be friends. That wave sent shockwaves that i will never expect, and the whole day, i questioned God why. Desperate to ask God why and i wish i had someone there to hold me from falling, I’ve got no one except God which i hung on. Lord, how I have set my eyes on Mercy instead of You. Forgive me. We met up at 2pm to talk and i guess i needed time to come to terms with the aftermath of the earthquake. Oh we went to get a box to contain the rings we bought and gave it to Charmaine for safekeeping and that’s our wedding rings!!! Okie. kewl. Save on Tiffany ring. (stingy me).

We went off to get pressie for Jenn’s boy and then we went to church for music ministry. Had a talk with Aunt Gwen and the Pastor and thinking back, i am glad that i’ve talked to them because they offered a deeper insight to the situation and somehow waiting is not a bad thing, because waiting is not a sign of weakness, and God revealed that this morning (will talk about it later), and was praying and interceding for Mercy on some issues God revealed and manz! what a sunday that would be….

On sunday morning, God said “Go and get a cab to church” which is unusual, and i got a cab almost instantly, got to church and it was a time of renewal, a time of great time worshipping in the presence of God. I went up for altar call and Pastor Joseph prayed and said about earthquake in my life, both shaking up my convictions and beliefs and through that, i will send out shockwaves to others. As Pastor Steven gave a word on friday evening, that i will make disciples in all the nations, i kept that in mind.

I saw Mercy went up, and later she shared, God dealt with issues that i was praying for her specifically and i didn’t tell her what i prayed before hand. Surely both of us knew God is doing something, and God asked me, “What will you give up to listen to my voice everyday” and that caught me, and i want to say now and then, is “Lord, i want to give up everything to hear your voice, i will go without food and water and life even mercy to hear you and to know your heartbeat!” that’s my desperation and my cry and that I want God so much. Later we went to the Festival of Praise 2006 and totally enjoyed the service and the time of worshipping with Don Moen and the Christian City Life Church, and the sermon by Dr Ed Silvoso is good, it is about Christians influencing the area of our work – the Marketplace and how we can touch the city when christians reach out in their work place! What a great sermon and God spoke again confirming something that He revealed to Mercy a long time back. (It was more a confirmation about me knowing i have heard from God clearly).

We went to Plaza Singapura and we talked, i shared about why i reacted so badly to the decision and i think it has to be one of the best moment shared between me and Mercy, that i know for sure, she is the one and i shared about things God spoke to me, and she too, and we chatted till 2am. Came home totally exhausted.

This morning, i woke up late and really exhausted (repetition i know), and God spoke again in the bathroom (Mercy and I agreed, God loves to speak to people in bathroom). God revealed a few things – This time is a test, for me, for Mercy and third, waiting is not a passive action to just hang around, but it is how much i wanted this restoration is to pursue God and plead with Him and this is a test for the relationship but i need to seek Him first and really…. nag at God and just press on! Manz, that’s revolution. Never really thought of that.

Had a talk with Mercy on all these, and i realised i am still trying to get over it and sometimes i got no one else to talk to and find support and encouragement, i feel so alone Lord, and i wish God will just appear in person so i can hang on and hug and tell me, Son, i am holding you. Lord Apart from you i can do nothing! I need you Lord, for every breathe i take, every heartbeat, every minute of my life, Lord, it is time to shake off religiousity, and press in to KNOW GOD. I want to know You Lord, deeper.. really deeper, that Lord you are my Love all in all. *Still i want someone to be there for encouragement….*




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7 08 2006

i know this may not be the time or place, but i have to tell you that i also just want to be friends, daniel. … please don’t take it too hard.

(just trying to lighten the mood!)

7 08 2006

What happened bro? Ok, if it’s behind u, then I won’t want to know. Hear from u soon, bro!!

8 08 2006

: ) I think everyone is getting the wrong idea here. This is not a break-up. We are simply submitting to God’s timing and will. While confirmation from the Lord is apparent to the both of us to be together, yet we are shredding the world’s ideals of BF AND GF and having the attitudes of Best Friends in order to take the relationship to a platform of obedience to the Lord and also to a level of purity that can only be achieved with the right mindset and making the right decisions. We both agreed that a couple having the attitudes of best friends is somewhat different. And in God’s timing, we will move towards marriage. Maybe not a very common approach for many couples yet an approach that we feel will bring about balance and a healthy attitude towards our relationship and also an act of obedience to the Lord and placing what He wants in our heart and actions.

8 08 2006

Amen. it is hard, but it is worth it…. oh did i say……. Mercy’s influence is Jim Elliot. 🙂 oh what can i say…. she is a wonderful girl.

8 08 2006

“Passion and Purity” written by Elizabeth Elliot is an awesome book, recommended reading for women and men too, especially unmarried couples.

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