Post-Modernistic Church

4 08 2006

God reminded me today – what’s the single one thing i would stand on and will defend it with my life – and that’s God’s Words. I was reading this article on RapturedReady and it reflected the cry of my heart for a long time and until recently, God began to rekindle that passion, and that’s why i am looking forward to tonight’s bible study at Eagle’s Nest on the Fivefold Offices.

Has the Church become saltless? The salt that does not produce any more saltiness, or light that does not shine in the dark? Has the church today lost that standard where we are to stand for in morality, in integrity, in love, in meekness, in gentleness, in godliness and everything taught in the bible? Lord, let me not point fingers at others, but myself, have i live it up to that standard? No, and i ought to, but i didn’t. Lord, forgive me and Lord, forgive us. Send us the rain of repentance and in humble holiness and godliness! Lord, turn our hearts back to You!

No more playing games because there is no way we can win in this game of religiousity, but the eternal hellish fires for those who think they can buy or sweettalk their way to the heavenlies, no, but by the grace, mercy and the love of God that we will come and know it is our faith in what our Lord Jesus has done on the Cross that we can now stand before God our Father in humble confidence.



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