Cost of neglect

3 08 2006

I was reading this article on ChristianityToday and i knew God is speaking to me about something important. The importance of not neglecting each other despite the hectic schedule, the cares and woes this world has to offer, and lastly, the importance of putting God first. I cry to God with a 911 prayer everyday, i want to cry out to him a “no matter the cost” prayer every morning, and Lord, i want and i am desperate to FILL you in my mind, my heart and my lifestyle that Lord, that i am totally immersed in You! Mercy’s right about desperacy sometimes is required while we wait for God to move for our desperate cry reflects how much we want God.




2 responses

3 08 2006

How interesting at 11am this morning , Rachel and I prayed together about being radical for God and to lay down our lives for the Gospel no matter what the cost too. Indeed, one life is all we have , might as well live it real to the fullest. His Grace is sufficient for us.

3 08 2006

So when are u gonna come to see my baby??

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