The understanding of the Holy Trinity

24 07 2006

I got a revelation (if you call this revelation) while i was er……… doing my big business in the loo. (Well i do get revelation in these times)….. I was thinking of what pastor said about understanding the trinity will lose our mind, while not seeking to understanding it will lose our soul. That sentence triggered off something and as i was pondering on why the understanding of the trinity is so important, God dropped something in my mind.

Just as water in the three states (Water, Water Vapour and Ice), while they are predominately the same structure H2O in three different state, their molecular structure is different. While we leave the scientists to understand the difference in these three molecular structures, we could understand the importance of water in these three states – water for us to drink, water vapour carry the warm climate in convection, and ice to cool our coca cola down? Yet, we might never understand the molecular and scientific components of these, and the same for the Holy Trinity, we leave the details to the Theologians to understand while we need to understand why three? Because it will affect our approach to our worship, our prayers, and our relationship with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. For example. We do not worship the Holy Spirit for the Holy Spirit will direct the worship to God the Father, nor can we just call on the name of God the Father to save us for the bible says, Call on the Name of Jesus and we shall be saved! See, the understanding of the roles of the godhead will affect how we approach God in reverence and in awe. Ok, revelation revelation…. so exciting.



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