Peeling the onion skins

24 07 2006

I was listening to Humphrey as he shared about his ‘bad’ experiences at his former church and among the Christians there, i can’t help but remember what i went through at my first church. It is sad to say that sometimes the christians in churches are worse than the non-believers. There are things he said that have been a tremendous encouragement to me, especially when he said, when we lose everything, we are warring against Satan for these will happen because Satan wants to steal our joy and hope; it will tell if our joy and hope are anchored on the material things, and if it is, we will lose our joy and hope when satan takes every wealth, possessions we got. Although i was abit uncomfortable with him being abit touchy… Mercy was trying to control her laughter. Hmmph.

What’s the crux of the christian faith? Sometimes people talked too much about what happened, what they did, how many mission trips they went to, and how much money they gave to God…. i realised the bottom line of a christian faith and walk does not deal with the above, no, not at all, i would rather hear how well you know the Father’s heart, not the million of dollars you gave to God. I want to hear the heartbeat of God, the warmth of Christ’s love, and the comfort of the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. I want to come to a deeper love and relationship with God, i want to walk like Moses as a friend God would call, or a Man like King David who is after His own heart, or Elijah, or Daniel, or Enoch or Apostle Paul, or John! Ah! Great man yet their lives all spoke of one single characteristics, they know the Almighty God!



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