Is War evil?

24 07 2006

Is War evil? This picture was taken from Guardian UK, showing a boy trying to keep his mum from dying as their minivan was bombed by the Israelis as the family were fleeing from their homeland which is five miles from the border.

As we see picture like this, do we question ourselves or even secretly God if this is all wrong, or His mistake or as Kenneth E Hagin puts it, God has lost control of the world which is spiraling down the road to destruction? Or how about when a child reads the bible and realised it is God who commanded the Israelites to wipe out the tribes in the land of Israel when they were moving onto the Promised Land, do they question if our God whom we serve is a violent or evil God? Surely this has been the opinions of thousands of people who seems to think so when they read that, but no one who questioned God has adequately seek to understand why.

God obviously did not lose control as contrary what Kenneth E Hagin said in his book of Prayers. If that’s the case, God wouldn’t be Omnipotent or Omniscient, wouldn’t he? Then the statement to say God’s sovereignty wouldn’t have applied and either that, God wouldn’t care when man kill each other in war, or He is trying hard to salvage what’s left of this lego world. I doubt that picture reflects the reality of God’s awesomeness. Much has been said in the Scripture, that the problem does not lie with God, but in Man. War is ultimately a result of our SIN and it is the Judgment of Sin on its perpetrators. I too, used to struggle with that command God gave to the Jews to destroy the entire nations, wouldn’t the children and women of that tribe be innocent? While we were inclined to minaturize the overall picture, our human concept of what’s right and wrong seems so far off the mark of what’s ACTUALLY right before God’s eyes. For all who sinned, MUST die, is an universal principle that applies to all, and therefore, if God were to judge the nation with a Tsunami wave or earthquake, are we to say God’s evil? or when God allows War to come onto Lebanon, do we point the finger at God to say He is losing control?

We were so quick to judge, and forget, that such “Wars” must come as must the coming of Jesus must happen, and since we are all deserved death, the time given to us today, for sinners, who are alive, is a consideration of ‘GRACE’ for indeed, in the Old Testament, God has withheld His judgment on Sodom and Gomorrah and until their iniquities have come to the FULL extend and it is ready for the judgment, and I pray that the nations should come back to God before the time is up, and that we might find God’s mercy instead of His Wrath, for God desires Mercy over Judgment!

This war, i know, must come, and i pray for God’s mercy to be on the innocent civilians who died and that through these sufferings, i know God works even beyond what our finite mind can understand to accomplish His greater WILL, for my God is never out of control, and even so, through the fallen humanity, God can still work to bring everything, every history to HIS ultimate purpose even through our wars. And i can be sure, my God will never fail, nor will His Will be frustrated. Amen.




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