Appointment with Romance

18 07 2006

While i was walking to grab a cab at Dolby Ghaut, i told God, God i want to marry her, and i know and i know for sure, i love her, and will protect her with all of my life. And i called her when i get on the cab, she told me that God has spoken and confirmed that I am the one God said she will marry, and i think it is the same time that i talked to God about. WOW. and Mercy said, ah so romantic. Yea, My God is a God of Love and of course, divine romance! I love Mercy with all of my heart, and i want to marry her and i want to grow old together with her. Guess i am getting all romaniticized. 🙂



6 responses

18 07 2006

I do hope everything that u do will prosper. Take it easy, enjoy the r’ship and work things out! Yahoo!!!

18 07 2006

you are back from ko samui? how was it?

18 07 2006

Hi Sweetheart, Yes I know you are excited and all. Focus on now and what God wants you to do. And Yes Jenn is right, We do need to have proper planning, good advise, seek counsel and an alignment with God’s timing. Focus on being the man God wants you to be and with proper counsel all will go according to His plan and timing. I love u.

18 07 2006

Yes Ma’am! *Salutes*

22 07 2006


ts approves!!!


23 07 2006

ts u very cute leh : ) wa hahahaha

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