Judgment and Mercy

17 07 2006

A car went past the red lights and just mere inches away from us as we tried to cross the road at the junction, i reacted very angrily and i admitted, abit to the extreme in my anger that the driver ignored the red lights and could have killed someone. Mercy told me that i ought to love him instead. As i pondered about that on my way home, God spoke to me about the fact that why i shouldn’t lower my standard when comes to what’s right and wrong, but instead of lowering it, desire mercy and compassion which is what Mercy has been saying. I have been an epitome of judgment based on the Laws of God, that all rights and wrongs ought to be put on the balance scales, but i’ve forgotten about Compassion, Love and Mercy, for Mercy triumphs over Judgment. Lord, help me to raise the standard of the LAW in my own life, while desiring mercy for others that i may show Christ who is the only ONE who can fulfill the law and He gave me freedom through the GRACE that triumphs over the Law.




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