Life philosophy of Calvin

14 07 2006

Calvin and Hobbes

The disease that is more deadly than AIDS or the H5N1 virus (Bird Flu) and has killed millions if not billions every year, this disease does not destroy our immune system, but attack the very thing that we take it so seriously yet in reality of no consequences to whatsoever our life – Materialism. This disease is the bane of every single developed countries, including Singapore, and Christians are not immuned to this. I’ve a chat along the road after Prata with Mercy last night, about having a car in Singapore, while i do not think having a car is an evil thing, but i don’t think it is needed for now, at least not for me, and i think with what I’ve gone through, i have looked past the need for material things, i’ve learnt time and time again, to give up ‘things’ i got in my life which have formed my security and put it on God. So the philosophy of Calvin through the comic has taught me a great deal of biblical truth in things that are easy to understand. Being Happy with what you have is the first step to contentment and fulfilment.




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