A sense of delusion

12 07 2006

Another of my colleagues got a promotion and again, i wonder if my service to the company will be recognized. While i am struggling to feel happy for him, i am wondering if this place is where i am called to be, in fact, to be frank, i am not happy at where i am, to me, this is a dead-end job, i can’t see myself growing nor really finding that satisfaction in what i do, at the same time, isn’t it God’s will that where He put us is where He wants us to serve Him after all, do everything as if we are doing it for God! Shouldn’t i find the joy of working as if i am working for the Almighty God, not for my bosses? God help me.




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13 07 2006

i think we are called to be where God places us in life, yes, but at the same time, if God leads you to greener pastures, isn’t that also biblical? i suggest spending an hour or two each week on job searching.

13 07 2006

Hi darling, in the business world, first impression and the way we carry ourselves, personality and the way we dress all play a part in promotion and what others think of us.

Sometimes, we need to start reflecting on ourselves and ask God for wisdom on how to change ourselves and not look at the circumstances, problems or work place or even the bosses and begin to think it is never our own fault or that we are already doing the best.

The Spirit of Excellence is a progressive lifestyle. Our attitude towards our work and our job reflects in alot more than just how well we handle a project , it encompasses our relations with those in the office, what we say, how we dress and the way we relate to others.

A Christian is one who lives a life of excellence. He gives his best through Christ and uphold the best attitude and standard in his entire life that includes ALL areas in his life. It is not an overnight change but it is important to take the first step to reflect continuously and make a decision to want to be the best for God and to want to live a Spirit of Excellence and to have the right attitude every morning and every moment. You’ve been doing a GREAT JOB with your work and you’ve been AWESOME with the projects placed under you.

Perhaps its time you begin to look at your job from God’s perspective too and ask Him for wisdom on how He wants you to treat your job, and the attitude He wants you to have and the way He wants you to relate to your colleagues and what he wants you to wear and everything else.

I struggled with the business world wants and office demands and environment clashes before, but I know God guided and taught me the importance of having the right attitude and the Spirit of Excellence. Be the Best that you can be in where He has placed you now in ALL areas of your life, speech, manners, attitude, dress sense, mindset, character.

The most important thing that a Christian will learn while working is to have CHARACTER but not just any type of Character but to allow God to mould us through our working place to have the ATTITUDE and the CHARACTER of Jesus. Start living a life that is of the highest standard and you will see your attitude and circumstances change.

Seek not to complain only but seek to change to be more like Christ and your life becomes a loving experience and your job that you do unto the Lord becomes an assignment from the Lord to do something for Him , to reflect Him in your work place (P/S : YOU ARE JESUS WITH SKIN ON ! : ) and influence the territory He has placed you in for Him and not just a mundane job to earn cash to survive.

I love you and I know you are going to be GREAT ! The mission field starts in where you work and the people who are constantly around you. This question has been running in my mind … maybe it can help you too : )

Do you often go to work every morning with the enthusiasm to want to be Jesus with Skin on ?


Do you go to work looking at the day as just another working day to fulfil your duties so that at the end of the moneth you can get your pay cheque ?

Daddy God has GREAT plans for you. Spend time with him. Whether you turn left or right you will hear a voice behind you saying : “This is the way, Walk in it” If you want to change a Job , lay down the reasons why, but not first reflecting on your ATTITUDE and MINDSET and CHARACTER… ok .. ? Seek Him , Seek Counsel and then do what He tells you to do. Attitude and Character always comes before the Job and Task. Always bear that in mind ok : )

14 07 2006

Hang in there, for god has placed you there for a reason….When it is time to move on to something else, He will provide the desire and the opportunities

14 07 2006

Thanks! COmments and Encouragements are noted. Kum Sia Kum Sia (Thanks in Hokkien)

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