Tenderness of the heart

11 07 2006

After a long talk with Mercy last night, i began to search deep within me for any hint of hatred for Andrea, yes, as i was looking through her blog through Delyse, i felt nothing but contempt and anger in her lies, in that hypocrisy. I need to repent, i need God to take away that anger and hatred for this person. I do not want Anger and Hatred and Unforgiveness to take root and grow and eventually hardened my heart. I need God, and I need to forgive, it is not Andrea’s fault but me. I need to do it for myself because i will never please God if i harbour hatred and unforgiveness, it will eventually take away every single bit of joy, and peace in my heart till i am left with nothing but an empty shell of cold hard rock. Lord, let me see her as You see her, a child of God who needed a fresh touch from You.




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12 07 2006

sometimes it is necessary to keep a distance from people. Not because u don’t care but its just neceesary for you to nurse the hurt u have within yourself.It is not surprising that you feel anger, as it stems out from the hurt she has caused u.
Take care of your self first, and let God do the loving through u,..to give you enough heart to forgive her. =)

14 07 2006

Hi darling, forgiveness is not based on feelings . It is a command given by God in His word. You love the word and you talk so much about obeying the word. Haha ! Now there is this command in the word that you must forgive ! :p Lean on God’s love and see Andrea through God’s eyes. Forgiveness is the key to breakthroughs and a life with no more bondages. Too often human beings fall into the trap of having past bondages without realising we allowed ourselves to be chained. Make the decision to forgive because when the Son has set you free, you are free indeed. Forgiveness helps you to receive love from others. Learn to receive love and then to give love. When you are filled with God’s love like Jac says… you then “let God do the loving through you” (P/s: Quote from Jac) You can have ALL the knowledge of THEOLOGY in the world but if you have not love, you are just a clanging cymbal, a resounding gong and you become nothing. I know you are not nothing because you are wonderfully and fearfully made in the image of your Father who is … LOVE : )

14 07 2006

OKie 😀

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