Solace in the days of winter

5 07 2006

As i went through my daily reading, a single issue has been jumping out of the pages i read, online and on the books and in the bible, is about Loneliness. I truly love God, and i know that from the bottom of my heart, and as i read through the articles on Christianity Today, i can identify with the author about loneliness and the struggles, and through that I realised, through the lonely warm nights i can either sit back and drown myself out or finding God amidst the noise in the silence of the night. Ever felt like there were thousand screams for someone, for better finances situation, for a purpose in life and for peace, rest, and a thousand other cries, and yet, it seems those cries just reverberated off the wall and slamming back at you? Yes, a thousand nights i went through it, and sometimes God has to interrupt and i turn to the still small voice inside, and cried because until i find the centre of my universe, my life will not be complete, the centre is not the special girl, but in God.

Loneliness, the sinai desert of my christian life, the place where Moses had to run off to, from his ugly past, his privileged background, to a place of abandonment, a place of sheer outcast, to find his centre in the burning bush. I want to meet Moses when i get to heaven next time, (and probably sit close to him too, to listen to his experiences), and a complete whole person is only whole and complete when his securities are found in the person of Jesus, even in times of loneliness, he will find solace and rest in the space only reserved for himself and God (and perhaps a few mosquitoes).




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