The performance oasis in town

19 06 2006

All hail the pink one!On Saturday before Mercy went to her music ministry in church, we had late lunch at Wisma' food court (Oh My! I am so suaku! didn't know such heaven existed, ok shows i haven't been in town alot), and wow, we had some nice food, and we saw some females contestants of the Singapore Idols 2006 at Wisma 'selling' themselves, and Mercy commented one of them is quite good, and i thought, hmmmph, i don't know, and i don't quite care because really i have no interest in, and i don't watch the Singapore idols anyway but was mildly amused at the huge crowds.

And then we went shopping, and my my, Mercy's short trip to Zara took up an hour, doing three rounds on the same place of Zara's fashionable boutique, and we went to the Forum where we saw some Africans dancing. Goodness, they really can dance! Wish i had taken some pictures of them… and after sending her to her music practise, i went back to office to fulfill my duty at the World Cup games that night and fixing some problems on the servers, and i talked to the Indian commentators and boy, do i need patience with them, and although they are really blur, they are really nice people! Ok, enough of shopping for me to last for a month!



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