Holiness and Purity

19 06 2006

Piper Quote of the Day "…Human holiness is nothing other than a God-immersed life– the living out of a God-entranced worldview."

I have wondered what is a consecration period? That in order to move forward is the need to get pure and holy, but what exactly is purity and holiness? I am glad i saw John Piper's quote, that holiness is nothing more than a God-immersed life. A life where every actions, and thoughts rooted in a godly motive that is controlled and even restrained by the godly principles.

It is possible, and yes, that a saint might sin, just as great men like Moses, King David, Apostle Paul and the bible is not silent on their failings, but one thing, through their sins and failings, they are humbled and they allowed the mercy of God to show them the way back – repentance, and should we fail again, let us remember how King David fell and his cries that God will create in us a new heart, that in His mercy, we will not be abandoned but because He is faithful! Oh what great comfort, and let His consuming fire burn us up that we will be refined in purity!




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