Kingdom of Rock

16 06 2006

An article on Christianity Today 

Kingdom of RockWhat makes music ‘christian’? Is it the singer, the lyrics, the beat, or the tempo, could it be the band name? Over the years, with the emergent of Petra and Whitecross, etc, to the recent years Christian Rock such as Sonicflood, All Stars United, I wonder will this parady of labelling one a christian band ever be resolved with a definitive standard?

For me, i remember those times when i was alot younger, Petra was to me, a devilish band playing music of the devil, and with documentaries such as Hells Bells, etc, i am just a skeptic. When i started listening to Depeche Mode, Guns N Roses, Metallica, the emptiness is real so i thought why not? since i have already listened to the real devil’s music, petra wouldn’t be too bad, so i got hooked to Petra, and to my surprise, it is different. My Christian life grew with Petra, they taught another message, not of emptiness, death, but of life, a relationship with Christ that i could identify and it is about having an active and real relationship, not something people just talked about it. That day i became a proponent of Christian Rock, for the sake of the lost, we bring Christ, the good news of a Saviour who will die for these punks and rockers that they too may have life, and life much more abundance!

Yet, Apostle Paul has always exhorted us to be discerning! Not just from the teachings from the pulpit, but with ALL things, including what comes from the lyrics and songs of the music we listen to. I realised, it is not just about Lyrics, or the tempo, but it is the fruits of such endeavours. Today, Christian Rock industry is rising quickly with Praise N Worship series and then Hillsongs, and with the rise of many christian artistes, i wonder, sometimes, when we have compromise with the Gospel, to about singing about good things, and focusing on other good christianly thing that we forgot the reason why we want to sing – of the gospel of good news and that Jesus is Lord and saviour. Sure, friends are friends forever is a great song, about friendship, but what has it to tell me about Jesus and His love for me, and that I can be whole in trusting Him as my God and Saviour? Nothing. So is this a christian music? No, it fails in the very basic requirement, that what makes it christian and not christian is the central theme in the person of Jesus and His work on the Cross and His redemptive plans for mankind.




2 responses

16 06 2006

you raise an interesting point, though … does music have to be “christian” in order for us to listen? my own idea is that there are definitely “christian” songs, then there are just plain ol’ songs, then there are definitely anti-christian songs. i think it’s fine for us to listen to the first two categories, but agree we should be careful about the third, which influence our thought life and subtly pull us away from God.

have you ever listened to U2’s “war” album? most of the lyrics are derived from the bible. i kind of like it.

19 06 2006

I love U2…. and ya i want to go and check out that album..

Yes, have you watch Hells Bells 2? I think it is a good documentary for your church youth…

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