Morning thoughts

14 06 2006

As i was crossing the street, i saw this mother with two very young daughters trying to jaywalk on the adjacent streets when the traffic was pretty heavy for it is a morning rush to work. I thought, "Wow, what an irresponsible mother, teaching your daughters how to break the law, setting a bad example, and possibly will one day, and hope not, kill your daughter indirectly if an accident might happen."

Reflecting on that, what makes a good mother, or a good parent? One who merely provided food, shelter and allowances for their children? No, anyone can do that, even a stranger can do that, and that is not the yardstick of a good parent, a good parent is one who imparts godly principles, one who will not spare the rod to teach, one who will not hesitate to guide and to train their children in righteousness, and we have one Father in heaven, who is the perfect 'parent' and He will discipline us, mould us in the person we ought to be, and He loves unconditionally and besides He provides for all our needs.




4 responses

14 06 2006
I m not God

Then how do you guage what makes a good children? One who stays at home all day? One who claims he’s very fillial by words, not actions? One who gives money to the parent and consider it fillial piety?

14 06 2006

The answer to your question is “You shall honour your father and mother” is the simplest and the basic criteria of ‘good children’.

14 06 2006
I m not God

However, i saw depression in you, that’s not really fillial of you if you wish to end your life at 35 🙂

14 06 2006

Maybe you are right. I am not fillial? 🙂

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