Random morning rubbish

12 06 2006

When i woke up this morning, i said "God, Here i am", but God didn't answer. He must be busy.

A Theological paradox – God is everywhere, which implies His presence is everywhere, where can we hide? But is God's presence in Hell? The spiritual dead is not just dead for they still 'live' on eternally but in hell without the Presence of God and His fellowship, hence spiritually dead, so if those who are in hell, is devoid of the presence and the fellowship of God, so the sentence "God is everywhere" is theologically wrong. Can God remove His presence from one and yet give another the honour of God's presence at the same place, same time, and same space? Hence, to who God choose to have His presence to dwell with, is entirely in His providence and His sovereign will. Have I just answered my own question? I love talking to myself.

Body's in pain, head's in pain, heart's in pain. If pain is the sign of life, i rather be dead – cold, and numb so i won't feel anymore. Is love still worth it? Perhaps it is a matter of a selected few, of which i rather not be that selected few, for it hurts too much to be opened to the possibilities of love, sacrifice, and selfless giving. Ok, now my neck's hurting.




One response

12 06 2006

i think the definition of hell is the absence of God, just like the definition of darkness is the absence of light and cold is the absence of heat. … so i guess you’re right God isn’t everywhere.

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