Why people blog?

10 06 2006

Dr Alan Griffin (Singapore Bible College) said that blogging broadens the horizon of relativism because now, there is a platform available for everyone to voice their opinions and comments without an absolute right or wrong. See, i cannot go to your blog and tell you what you wrote and experience is wrong, but there are things we cannot see eye to eye.

So why people blog? I have been surfing around on the blogsphere especially those in Singapore more notably Mr Brown, and Xia Xue and a couple others, and i realised alot are being written about nothing, maybe about a personal thought about the politics today, or sharing about what happened in the day, or a book that inspires, or even all the activities one engages in – be it photography or sun tanning at the beach, and some even shared about their sexual immoralities!

Still in the blogsphere, there is a no lack of blogs and people who turn to writing and getting their comments posted on the internet where millions can have access to them instantly, but there is a lack of quality article, where people can read, and learn and something that will reflect godly principles, not about meaningless postings, and yea, those are entertaining but nevertheless, cheap thrills as one would call it.

Now, the one-million dollar question, why am i blogging? For most part, i would rather skip the more godly excuse like sharing my faith, but frankly, blogging to me is a good way for me to keep in touch with myself, a place where i can find solace, to write what i think and be understood, not for anyone to understand but for myself to make sense of what is in my heart, my mind and in my faith.

I've been blogging since 2003? and along the way, I have changed a couple of blog because i didn't want a certain individuals to read them, but i've always want to write, to put to something more permanence than my fleeting thoughts and to know someday when i die, i can keep a part of me here, some sort of a legacy. Have i left you anything when you navigate away from this blog? Have i imparted abit of my passion for God in your life, that you may love God more? or is it otherwise?

What have you as another blogger leave behind? Another article of criticism of another person? or something that will inspire, encourage, exhort someone to love God more each day, more joy from our testimonies of God's faithfulness and peace from God's undying love and mercy each day? Lord, i desire in each of this article to leave behind something, that will bring delight to You O God, that i will forever write of Your Love.




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