10 06 2006

I have so often being labelled as a heresy-hunter, and recently by a pastor that i am acting in the Spirit of the pharisees. I agree, to a certain extent, through my past actions in too eagerly anticipating in pointing out the flaws in the theology of those who preached on the pulpit, and to tear down the person's credibility and often his or her reputation. I need to repent on that, as I've written previously, I was wrong, not in standing by the principle of discernment, but not showing Christ's love.

As i am sitting in the office watching an 'exciting' Germany vs Costa Rica World Cup match on TV and making sure everything runs smoothly for the project I am handling, i surfed into Moriel and saw this article "Neo Pharisees" and was just reminded about what I have went through and what I have learned.

I still stand to defend God's Words at the Supreme authority that is relevant today, and the final authority pertaining to all matters of my faith, and that i can trust and rely on. And i still will continue to point out the heretical teachings, false teachings, and false teachers on the pulpit, but this time, i will resolved to do it with love, by action in prayer for them, that i will not tear them down but to act in love. It is a fine line but it is absolutely important. I remember this, we can all gifts of prophesy, speaks in tongues, but without love, we are nothing, absolutely nothing.

What's Christian Faith without Christ's LOVE? Nothing, we will be just like any other religions.




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12 06 2006

dan, i seriously think you ought to stop reading that moriel trash … yes, i consider it trash. why? because there is NO good fruit i see coming out of it. the people i know who have that sort of attitude do nothing for Christ themselves, but like to sit around and criticize those who are actually doing something.

12 06 2006

I take what is written in Moriel with a pinch of salt, and is mainly for information purposes. I do question some of the things they do, without the motive of love and encouraging, it is dangerously close to being a stumbling block rather than presenting a source of warning to discerning christians

3 01 2007

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