Complacentia amantis in amato

9 06 2006

"Complacentia amantis in amato" – The Lover's delight is in his beloved by Thomas Aquinas.

What's the sum of the Ten Commandments? – I remember once, Pastor Doug preached on this and he called it the TenDER commandments. Too often, have we shun the hard teachings in the Old Testament, especially Leviticus, and in the Ten Commandments, and that we confused Laws and our obligations to the Laws in our christian walk with our interpretation of the Ten Commandments. The Sum of the Ten Commandments as Jesus aptly put it when he was questioned by a teacher of the law, that's we should love our Lord, God the Father with all our heart, soul and our might, and second, that we should love one another as ourselves.

What's love? Love is a holy fire rekindled in the affections by which a christian will be overwhelmed in his pursuit of God as their supreme object who deserve all praise, all worship, with every strength and energy left in our lives. To love God is to take delight in Him.

Love itself must be qualified. We love God with an undivided heart. For God wants nothing but our total devotion and attention, any other than that, is idolatry, is Sin, for my God, is a jealous God, like a jealous lover, He desires all of us, and we are all of His.

We love God for who He is – His excellent intrinsic qualities and His position. Meretricius est amor plus annulum quam sponsum amare: 'It is a harlot's love to love the portion more than the person.' Hypocrites love God because he gives them corn and wine: we must love God for himself; for those shining perfections which are in him. Gold is loved for itself. As most will say "Love the giver not the gifts".

We must love God with all our might, in the Hebrew text, our vehemency; we must love God, quod posse, as much as we are able. I am guilty of this, that I have failed to love God with all my might, Forgive me, I cannot love God enough, but even so, i have not given my best, for God is not looking at how much I love him, but is what i am loving Him my best, my all, with all my strength?

Love to God must be active in its sphere. Love is an industrious affection; it sets the head studying for God, hands working, feet running in the ways of his commandments. It is called the labour of love.

Our love to God must be constant, like the fire which the Vestal virgins kept in Rome, which did not go out. Love must be like the motion of the pulse, which beats as long as there is life. 'Many waters cannot quench love,' not the waters of persecutions.




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