Global Day of Prayer 2006

5 06 2006

It was one of those moment that I wish every christians I know, will come together to worship and pray together as a body of Christ. I was determined to go despite being so tired and bogged down with so many worries and troubles, and I am glad that I was there at the Singapore National Stadium.

As 24,000 christians gathered to worship and pray together, the atmosphere is anything but a rehearsal of what it will be like in heaven when the believers gather and worship our Lord of lords, King of kings forever and ever! Even the songs we sang were the 'old' songs, but we were ushered into the very presence of the throne room of God, the stadium is like huge choir, everyone raising their hands and looked to the heavens and sang in adoration! For indeed, God is looking for one who will worship Him in spirit and in truth, and i believed we did that yesterday because the presence of God just sweetly descended onto the stadium!

The highlights of the gathering that really strucked me were the message of repentance. That the reason why the Church of Singapore cannot move forward in signs and wonders is because we were double minded. How can we put one hand into the Kingdom of God and the other looking back!? God looks for our heart, is there carnality, worldliness, darkness and deceit or is it Jesus in there at the throne of my heart? God, i pray for your forgiveness! We repent of our complacency, our double mindedness, our half hearted attempt, and our lack of passion for your name sake!

The other was the reconcilliation between the Pentecostal/Charismatic and the Evangelical Conservatives! As Pastor Rick Seaward and Rev Wong both representing the Pentecostal/Charismatic and Evangelical Conservative respectively, both asked for forgiveness and the ceremony of washing each other's feet, i must admit, that was something the church needed to do a LONG time back and this was the initiation of healing for both sides of the church as we all ought to come together as ONE body of Christ, not divided.

It was a great time of worship, unfortunately, we did not have enough time for prayer, and it was disappointing as we weren't given a chance to pray and intercede for the nations, for Singapore, for the world. Where was the emphasis and the urgency to pray? I wanted to be there to pray and cry out together with the other 24,000 believers for Singapore, for its leadership, for its people, for God's calling the nation back and turning away from our wickedness and there was so little time for prayer and for that, i felt the gathering at the National Stadium has failed in its very purpose.

Nevertheless, i believe that everyone will walk away from that gathering renewed with passion for God and His Word! I can only pray that we do not need to wait for the Global Day of Prayer 2007 to spread the fire, but today, this very moment that we will walk in fire with God's calling in our lives that we may reach the nations for His Name sake!




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5 06 2006
: )X

Have u read about the “Down Grade Controversy” in the last few years of Spurgeon’s life? He was very stubborn about his convictions and he would not have anything to do with the new modern school of thoughs esp towards Christianity. As a result he himself withdrew from the Baptist Union where he belonged.

While it’s heart warming to see churches unite together in a day of prayer, I wonder if this is also an endorsement of each other’s teachings and beliefs. Is this the kind of discernment that we out to be exercising? As Paul asked the Corinthians, I shall as again today,”Where are the scholars, wise men of this age?”

It’s a unity alright, but it’s one that will not last. It seems morelike a farcade. If the unity is really for the better, then there should be definite statement of faith, so that we know we are truly united. One thing I am sure, we’re really not.

5 06 2006

Looking on the big picture, the church Jesus saw, is not a divided group of believers, but do not mistake, the theological differences and various teachings are the result of man's flaws.

Spurgeon in his time, perhaps, are right and wrong. I am not endorsing the new movement such as the Prosperity gospel etc, but i believe in one thing, what's the one creed every christians ought to proclaim? that's to me, the One Lordship of Jesus and nothing else. Therefore, what's the major theological divides? Is it how we worship? The debates on what's the gifts of the Spirit and whether that ought to be functioning? If all the above debates and questions point to one thing – the unquestioned Lordship of Jesus, i am for it. If not, no one, not the Pope, not a pastor, is the focus of the debate, then we have all missed the point and the significance of this act of reconcilliation.

I am not for Ecumenical movement to unite all faiths, but i am for, the church today, to stand together, to love each other, to pray for each other, to work together to preach the gospel to the ends of the world and making disciples and people who will stand together for God!

Too long, are we divided over little issues like gifts of the Spirit and doctrinal purity and heritage. naw, i think that, the church must put aside these differences and stop enlarging their own kingdom and come together and build the Kingdom of God.

Spurgeon i would say, is wrong. He failed to look beyond his heritage, his convictions that the centre stage of christian faith belongs to God, not his own kingdom. Any preachers and teachers who seeks to protect his own legacy, will lose it because the one they ought to zealously proclaim is Jesus not their own.

5 06 2006
: )X

If u are not for those movements, then ur involvement in such a meeting, like it or not, is an endorsement of other church doctrines which u used to be against so strongly in the past.

I want to be wrong about this and share the joy that u experience at the prayer eventl. But as for now, I can’t.

5 06 2006

It is ok. 🙂 But i need to say something, though i am not for ecumenical movement and objective, are you for division within the Kingdom of God (by that i meant, the Church as what Christ intended), or for unity with the body of Christ?

For your information, Rev Oh Beng Kee was the residing council leader at the Global Day of Prayer, and i think the event focused more on the key issues of our christian walk – Prayer and heart for evangelism than the petty debates on theology and issues that only divide than unite.

I do not wish to rebuke you for your pride. You are not building your own kingdom, remember that. In what ways, by sharing Spurgeon’s views, are you effectively fulfilling the mandates given to you by Jesus? – To tell the World of the good news that Jesus died for our sins and offer us eternal life, the message of Reconcilliation, and third, we ought to love each other as Christ has loved us!

6 06 2006
: )X

Bro, what pride do u see in me saying this? I thought u knew better because u know what the Apostles warned us in their epistles. I may not articulate what I know well, but I believe u understand because I used to learn from u too.

O well, I am really really surprised that u take a different stand now. Although I know what u are saying and all that thing about being united with other Christians. They are all good. But all I find it hard to reconcile them for now.

Pls do not talk to me as if I don’t know anything. I may not know as much as u, but I know what I know. It’s definitely not pride, bro. How did u know it’s my “Spiritual” pride? Taking a stand for the Gospel is something not to be ashamed of. Pls do not misinterpret that as pride. Do what u do best: SHow me, teach me from the word the basis of the stand that u are taking now.

I am willing to listen and to examine for myself. K?

6 06 2006

First, are you taking a stand for the gospel by casting a condemning shade on these christians or rather these people whom of which Christ has died for the same as He did for you? I am not debating on their ‘theological’ heritage, nor their actions, but for whom the basis of these people that Jesus too had compassion on.

Second, Pride, pride comes in many ways, by holding on that prejudice, is not helping you to fulfill the commandment “Love each other as God has loved us”. Am i saying I am wrong to say that you too love these christians who went for the global day of prayer, who first of all, you did not attend, yet you are quick to throw the first stone?

Of course i am not blind to the Apostles’ warnings in the epistles, but i do remember alot other things such as the principles Apostle Paul gave – in 2 Cor 11:4 “For if someone comes to you and preaches a Jesus other than the Jesus we preached, or if you receive a different spirit from the one you received, or a different gospel from the one you accepted, you put up with it easily enough” In there, Apostle Paul gave clear definition of false teachers, that these come to preach a different Christ, a different gospel and a different spirit contrary to the one preached and taught in the scriptures.

Second, Apostle Paul gave an advice, and i say “advice” because i know sometimes it is almost impossible to do so. Romans 14:19 “Let us therefore make every effort to do what leads to peace and to mutual edification”. In context, Apostle Paul wants us to be ‘responsible’ for those weaker in faith and aims not to be a stumbling block to those through our actions. The Kingdom of God is not about who has the right theology, for indeed, if necessary, all theologies ought to point everyone, Christians and Sinners alike to the Lordship of Jesus – Romans 14:11.

I am the same as before, standing strong against false teachings within the church, and guarding my life against hypocrisy and false doctrines, not forgetting heresy within the church itself, but as Pastor John has preached last weekend in the church camp, i can accept these brothers and sisters in Christ, doesn’t mean i share their conviction, but in doing that, i am not disobeying my Lord’s mandate to love each other. Indeed, your words do not quite reflect God’s mercy. One thing i know, God desires mercy, over judgement.

I am rather, shocked at your reaction, and i will not judge either, and therefore i will not continue in this argument which in effect, will no longer produce any fruits of righteousness as much as it ought to be, and i shall leave it as it is.

7 06 2006
: )X

It will produce fruits, bro, coz I have the desire to “test everything” and what u type in this blog is very beneficial to me.

Keep it up, bro! Pls keep me in prayer. I admit I’ve been in this whirpool of confusion and I hate it. Dun just tell me to to be cool and calm. Right now, I really wanna know what the Lord says. There are too many distractions and voices and there are a few voices I am willing to listen to. Urs is one of them.

Dun give up, k?


13 06 2006


Thanks for linking up to my blog! I look forward to more God-glorifying posts from you…

If u ask me, Reformed folks with their solid theology oughta go ‘in’ there and make a difference amongst their brethren from other traditions… for too long we have ‘secluded’ ourselves into lil cultural ghettos and let folks with dodgy theology to take the national leadership instead.

I long to see the kind of ‘logic on fire’ model of John Piper in Asia, someone who can move comfortably across the evangelical-charismatic divide becos he refuse to put asunder what God has joined… 🙂

And Edwards’ treatise on coming together in ‘extraordinary prayers’ (developed further by David Bryant) is something I’d put my money on! Keep blogging for His glory bro… Check tis out:

14 06 2006

Thanks for the comments. Nah i am not so ‘godly’.

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